En Sabah Nur

Slave gladiator from overseas


The Gladiator has a tanned skin.
He is about 6 foot 4 inches (1.94m).
Long black hair (ponytail while fighting otherwise loose).
Green piercing eyes.
Doesn’t talk much.
Has gladiatorial armour and weapons.
Dislikes casters.


En Sabah Nur, The First One, The Apocalypse. These are the names he has been given but his real name is his own and he never speaks it to anyone lest he wants them dead. A free slave and a wandering soul is what has become of the great gladiator that won his freedom. Knowing only the cruetly of his master in his captured life he has become a softer person since his release but those that anger him or get on his bad side one way or the other will soon find out he has not lost his skill with the blade. Though free he will never lose the mark of slavery or be accepted in society but he will fight for the right person and only kiss when there is no other choice. In almost every town or city there is at least one person that has seen him in the arena or has heard of him. Everybody just calls him the Gladiator.

En Sabah Nur

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