A Never-Sober Slayer Pirate that either finds trouble or causes it.

Race Region Gender Age
Dwarf Barak Varr Male Forgotten
Careers Completed
Troll Slayer Boatman
Total Experience Advances Spent
28 20
Conservative St. Reckless St.
1 3
Characteristics Level Fortune
Strength 3 0
Toughness 4 0
Agility 5 0
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 3 0
Fellowship 2 0
Basic Skills Char. Training Level
Athletics St 0
Ballistic Skill Ag 1
Coordination Ag 1
Intimidate St 0
Resilience To 1
Ride Ag 0
Skulduggery Ag 0
Stealth Ag 0
Weapon Skill St 1
Charm Fel 0
Discipline WP 0
First Aid Int 0
Folklore Int 0
Guile Fel 0
Intuition Int 0
Leadership Fel 0
Nature Lore Int 0
Observation Int 0
Advanced Skills Char. Training Level
Specializations Char.
Talent Cards Type
Inexhaustible Tactic
Roll With It Tactic
Action Cards Type
Close-quarters Shot Ranged
Threading the Needle Ranged
Shrug it Off Support
Drunken Strike Melee
Wealth Fame Rk Noble Rk
Poor 0 0
Shame Threshold
0 0
Wounds Threshold
Criticals Description
Sev. Injuries Description
Corruption Threshold
Mutations Description
Insanities Description
Diseases Description
Weapons Enc DR CR Range Special Notes
Pistol 6 2 Close Pierce 1, Reload, Unreliable 2
Axe 5 3 Melee
Blunderbuss 5 2 Close Blast, Reload, Two-Handed, Unreliable 2
Armour Enc Defense Soak Special Notes
Slayer’s Resolve 1
Equipment Enc
Bag of Bones
Powder horn
Sigmar Talisman
Enc Limit Enc
Gold Silver Brass
10 200something 18
Career Completion Advances (0/10)
Action (/) :
Talent (/):
Skill (/) :
Fortune (/) :
Conservative (/)
Wound (/):
Non-Career Completion Advances

Once a dockworker in Barak-Varr, Drek’s only accomplishment in life was binge drinking the best under the table.
Entranced by the many stories of voyage from the crewman that entered port he decided to take on a sea faring life.

The Dwarven fleet didn’t take him on so he settled for a merchant’s ship and took to the seas as just another hand on deck. Alas, this career did not last as the ship on one of its voyages got attacked middle of the night as Drek was sleeping off his buzz in the rowboat. The ropes holding it snapped and he drifted away unscathed. The embarrassment of this is what drove him to take on the Slayer oath.

Eventually he landed in √úbersreich but never will he be able to part with the rowboat and pistol from his old ship. Still sleeping in it whenever possible so he may never forget.


The Haarlem Mercenaries Drek