Wounds & Death

Wound Threshold
The amount of damage a character can withstand is refered to as his wound threshold. A character’s wound threshold is influenced by his race and Toughness, and can improve overtime with experiance.
The starting wound threshold for the player are:
- Humans of the Empire: 9 + Toughness rating
- Dwarfs: 10 + Tougness rating
- High Elves: 8 + Toughness rating
- Wood Elves: 8 + Toughness rating

Wounds & Critical Wounds
Physical injuries are represented with wound cards.

Normal wounds are the general cuts, bruises, burns and the effects of the harsh envirenment. Critical wounds afe more severe, representing significant injuries and debilitations – a smashed knee, a vicious cut, a deafening blow to the head.

Both normal and critical wounds are represented by cards. When a card from the wound deck is face down it represents a normal wound.
When a card from the wound deck is face up it is representing a critical wound.

Character Death
Critical wounds and exceeding a player character’s maximum wound threshold can put the character in great peril. After a character is knocked unconcious and one of his normal wounds has been converted into a critical wounds, compare the total numer of critical wounds to the character’s Toughness rating. If the character has more critical wound cards than his Toughness rating he succumbs to his wounds and dies.

Wounds & Death

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